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Multiplaz Automates Exhaust Tubing

Experience of Multiplaz 3500 Customers

May 2011

J. Fredrick Muenzmay
Welding Systems Engineer
American Specialty Supplies, Inc.

One of the Safest Hot Tools on the Market

In May 2011, our group had the opportunity to have the product Multiplaz-3500 demonstrated in our facility. The torch and the system are a maintenance mans dream tool. I have never seen a welder/cutter device that used a common fuel with water/alcohol to create a plasma heat. It was effective, and yet it had a small HAZ (Heat effected zone).

I rate your 3500 unit to be one of the safest "Hot Works" tools on the market. The small, light-weight size and non-combustable fuel source make this a unit that can be carried in a car trunk and small pick-up. The ability to operate on 120/240v creates even more adaptability.

Our application is that of M & R on larger materials and all high alloys of one inch or more. The Multiplaz 3500 was not engineered for our type of 1” and above Plasma cutting. However I believe this tool will have a great market for consumers commercially and privately.