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Multiplaz Automates Exhaust Tubing
Unique Features

Unique Technology, Unique Design

Unique Features

This Advanced Portable Machine Earned the “Grand Prix Award” for New Super Technology at the World Invention Show in Geneva Switzerland.
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The innovation of Multiplaz starts with the idea of using the regular tap water as a basic working liquid. Its design is both amazing and simple. Our patented designs stand unmatched worldwide.

Unique Features

Multiplaz is the only company worldwide that holds a Patent for this unique welding technology by use of a water-alcohol solution instead of shielding gas. It is the first company to utilize ordinary tap water for heating materials by turning the water into plasma 14400°F (8000°C).

Multiplaz's creative team of scientists discovered the right concentration of alcohol during the long years of research. This process fluid, under the influence of an electric arc, creates a protective neutral medium for welding.

Unique Features

Though this medium cannot completely replace the absolutely inert gas (for example, argon), it makes it possible to successfully weld most jobs where a non-oxidizing or protective atmosphere is necessary.

It is important to note that some vapors at the periphery of the jet remain chemically unchanged. This provides the ecological shielding of the process and protection of the operator from welding or cutting emissions.
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Unique Features

The unique design of the Multiplaz 3500 provides wide range control of the plasma jet heat and pressure by varying the current and voltage.

The ability to adjust the water-alcohol mixture makes it possible to vary the content of plasma for welding, or soldering of different metals.
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