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Multiplaz Automates Exhaust Tubing

Experience of Multiplaz 3500 Customers

July 2011

Larry Land, V.P.
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 403
San Luis Obispo, CA.

I invited the Multiplaz group to demo their Multiplaz 3500 machine. We started with the cutting feature first and the group enjoyed it so much we never got around to seeing the welding before our meeting began. That will be next, and we look forward to it.

I was very impressed with the cutting tool and saved the cutouts to show fellow Pipefitters. The cost of the tool will be a great selling point compared to anything I have ever seen. No other tool has the flexibility that the Multiplaz has and the cost of running it is almost zero compared to any other form of cutting or welding. No other tool can do both. I think cutting the Stainless Steel was the most impressive part of the cutting capability, as we are usually limited to Plasma and Saw Cutting. In the case of cutting out circles and plate in Stainless, or Hole Saws, the Multiplaz “compass”, or hole cutter was amazing. It cut right through, with a pretty clean cut. The amount of gear necessary to compete with the Multiplaz could easily go over $5000.00 in tooling up. The fact that the machine can run on 110v or 220v and has a brain to switch over to the proper voltage that it's plugged in to makes it easy to use.