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Experience of Multiplaz 3500 Customers

July 2016

I am a 36yr Old disabled combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and everywhere in between, ive been to all 7 continents for roughly 6 years as an enlisted aviator, Staff Sergeant, in the United States Air Force.

I use the multiplaz 3500 for multiple things at home and in my workshop for therapy and art therapy. I am an engineer, and tinkerer, and artist.. I have created and welded small parts for multi-rotor UAVs I build as a hobby. Pulse-jet engines are another hobby and I have made several prototypes, but have only been able to use sheet metal that is not stainless steel. It's possible i've got a lot better working with Stainless steels but I am teaching myself to weld with the multiplaz after researching many options, it is unlike any other system most people have seen. The professional welding community has dismissed it mostly from inaccurate speculation that its a brown gas welder or plasma cutter with this or that added.. It is frustrating because I wish someone who was skilled in welding could make some videos and give more detailed advice and some techniques that are helpful with how this machine works. It saves me a lot on consumables. No shielding gas, the plasma truly shields the metal very little smoke or vapor is created. a lot of the time I don't even need filler metal. My torches are starting to wear out and about it's frustrating looking for more people using this and teaching new people and not just assuming this is some gimmick, brown gas or something silly. Tough to invest in new torches, very fixed income and worried it's lack of acceptance will leave me always guessing. The original inventors won some award developing it for use in on the space station. I searched through patents for hours and found only 1 other machine that was even similar.. I don't think it's even around anymore. Oh yes bonus feature it cuts through just about anything.. Non metallic stuff wood, bricks etc..for a tinker its kinda cool. I cut some stuff out of Firebricks, custom fitting and fuel line holes and channels when I was building myself a gas forge. You definitely need darker eye protection when cutting non metal stuff. I wired mine 220 and 120/110 whatever but have only needed the extra energy when cutting and other than that rare time or 2 you don't need it, it runs great of a normal outlet no need to worry about 220, for the tinker hobbyist this is hundreds of dollars you save if you need to add another 220v outlet in your garage.

Ok so hopefully you can use something from that, it's everything I can think of. I am a huge fan, I think this thing is great if only everyone knew, and had more support out there. Weren't scared off by the Old school welding guys, who don't like anything unless its another old school welding guy.

Jon Wessling
Staff Sergeant US Air Force (Disabled Veteran)